Smells, flavors and memories – even from the future, La Gloria takes you to the pure essence of the Mediterranean. More than a drink, it is a way of living.

The personality of these soft-drinks – the first one to be launched incorporating Stevia as natural sweetener – is fresh, spontaneous and trend-setter, apart from having less calories than any other thanks its innovative recipe. It is exactly what the most hedonist palates long for.

La Gloria traces back to the origin of the Stevia plant. The first person who discovered and studied its extraordinary and prodigious properties was the great Valencian humanist and botanist Pedro Jaime Esteve (Petrus Jacobus Stevus, 1500-1556) and in his honor and memory this plant was named as Stevia.

The production is 100% organic with natural Stevia handpicked in Paraguay using the same harvest method as the Guarani people has been using for 1500 years.

La Gloria presents three different tastes:

An authentic homage to the Stevia discoverer made with the juice of Oroval Clementines, a very special variety whose harvest is very particular. These clementines must be harvested in the precise moment so their organoleptic properties are preserved. Collection must take place in November and December, otherwise the juice will run dry.
Made with Verdelli Lemons. These lemons are the top quality ones in the world and are produced in Sicilia (Italy). The trunk of this variety is able to hold water naturally for one month which confers the lemons a unique and exquisite taste.
Made with natural cinnamon from Sri Lanka and the unique touch of the vanilla from Veracruz, Mexico, where the plant is known as the Black Flower. Hernan Cortes discovered this spice for the Spanish when he saw the Aztecs use it to enhance the aroma of the chocolate. From then on, the spice was known as The Spanish Orchid.