There’s a Ledger’s for everyone, and a Ledger’s for every moment.

In 1862, Charles Ledger travelled into the deepest forest of Peru searching for the mythical seeds of the Cinchona Tree, the quinine, the traditional ingredient used by the Incas to create a potion that healed malaria.

Two years later, as he was exploring Bolivia, he discovered a variety of the Cinchona Tree whose bark contained an even better and more powerful quinine. This variety was classified under the name of Cinchona Ledgeriana as a tribute to the man who discovered it.

By the time, Cinchona Trees were being wastefully cut down without being replaced in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador - where these trees grew - which was leading to the extinction of the species thus resulting in the ban of exporting the Cinchona seeds under death penalty. Ledger thought he had gone too far to give up. He could not hide this essential natural healing from the rest of the world. So, he was determined to collect the Cinchona seeds with his servant, Manuel. When he thought he had enough seeds, he had them sent to his brother George in London entrusting him with their spreading across Europe. Most seeds were sold to the Dutch Government while the rest were sent out to India and Australia.

Ledger did a great service to the world and still today the millions of Cinchona Trees grown in India and Java sprang from those seeds collected and exported by Ledger risking his own life. Still nowadays, quinine from Cinchona Ledgeriana is considered to be the best quinine in the world.

Ledger's is made from the best quinine in the world that comes from the Cinchona Ledgeriana Tree, discovered by Charles Ledger in 1864.

Inspired by the adventurer and innovative personality of Charles Ledger is how Ledger's Tonic comes to reality.

It is this innovative side that has led us to pioneer the elaboration of a tonic water that incorporates natural Stevia as sweetener instead of the HFCS or other artificial sweeteners, thus creating a better quality and flavor premium tonic water with less calories than any other in the market.

Stevia is a natural sweetener alternative to sugar, HFCS and artificial, with no calories and a lot of properties to heal and prevent obesity problems. It is also very much appreciated by Gastronomes since it enhances the aromas and flavors of the infusions, drinks and foods when as season, which makes it ideal for Ledger's.

Ledger's is the tonic water with least calories in the market.

Why a flavored tonic? Why not to innovate and enrich tonic waters as it is made with other soft drinks? The answer is clear, why not? Why should a tonic water be only bitter? Why not open it to a wider public? We want more people to benefit from this fantastic drink!

All these questions led us to the creation of a new daring and innovative concept. That is how Ledger's was born from the most genuine and traditional ingredients to a fresh and modern tonic water for modern people who appreciate the traditional values.

We wanted to create a natural, different, versatile and easy-to-mix tonic water that satisfied many different people with different tastes, so we created a range of flavors for everyone. There is a Ledger's for everyone and a Ledger's for every moment.

For different tastes:

A unique tonic water, perfect to enjoy on its own or to mix with your favorite spirit enhancing the aromas and tastes thanks to the Stevia.
Almost the perfect mixer. Cinamon stimulates gastric acids preparing you to enjoy your favorite drink enhancing the taste of the spirit you mix it with. Alone it becomes a fantastic tonic for your body.
Fresh and unmistakable taste of tangerine with a citric touch, it blends in with a lot of spirits, be they fruity or dry. Perfect to enjoy on its own any time of the day.
Stimulates your smell sense, thus enabling you to enjoy the aromas and taste of your drink. A tonic with a great personality.